Ignorance and Arrogance

It’s a horrible combo of attributes. Mr. Trump hasn’t taken questions from the press in some time, preferring to communicate instead with his phone in small, text-sized bits of information on the internet. It’s a way of appealing directly to his supporters without accountability or scrutiny. However, while hanging out with former boxing promoter Don King in Florida, Mr. Trump spoke with reporters briefly.


His responses on very serious matters of international significance are so simplistic in nature, so obviously an attempt to sound informed while being dismissive and ignorant, that it should send shock waves of fear into the populace of a thinking people. This man, who once said his 10-year old knows a lot about computers: “he is so good with these computers, it’s unbelievable,” and who dismisses a consensus from the entire planet’s worth of scientists by saying, “nobody really knows,” is about to become leader of arguably the most powerful nation on Earth.

A few of his thoughts, captured by reporters on the scene: