SLUDGE is born

I’ve owned many a domain name since I first learned they could be owned. I still own a few but the perfect domain has been elusive for me. Recently, an idea bubbled up from my prefrontal cortex, and a desire for a one-word domain overtook me. I wasn’t provided the actual domain at first, just the desire for one, so I had to put some effort into identifying it.

I created strict parameters for this one word:

  1. It had to be easy to spell
  2. It had to be memorable
  3. It had to be cool

Bullet #3 was the critical one, because while Google, Yahoo and Apple are fabulous one-word domains, they’re a bit cartoonish for my personal tastes. It’s almost impossible now to separate the word Google from what it represents, but if you try, what you’re left with is nonsensical. My word would have to stand alone in its coolness, independent and fierce without need of context or connotation to make it cool. I mean really, Yahoo?

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Let your DNA do the Walking

Forever changed after watching Nat Geo’s, “The Human Family Tree,” I decided to participate in the Genographic Project and not only contribute my DNA to the growing collection but to trace my ancient ancestral origins, and discover the path my ancestors took out of Africa.

The fossil, archaeological and now genetic records have basically confirmed that East Africa is the birthplace of the human species. The oldest fossil of a Homo sapien is dated to 195,000 years in the past, and it’s estimated that our species spent ¾ of our time on Earth in Africa before the great migration began. In what are essentially two migrations out of Africa, Homo sapiens left Africa and ultimately spread across the globe over the last 60,000 years.

I’m very early in my educational process on genetics, so I’ll likely make the mistake of oversimplification, but I’ll give it the old college try. The sex hormones are passed along from parent to offspring essentially unchanged, so the son inherits the father’s Y-Chromosome and the mother’s mtDNA, while the daughter inherits only the mother’s mtDNA. While the male carries the mtDNA of his mother, he cannot pass it along to his offspring.

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