The degree of corruption in this President and his Administration is so exhaustive it’s difficult to quantify. From the level of dishonesty on all things–from the most petty to the most consequential–the complete ignorance of, and most disgracefully, the complete disregard for the law, the Constitution and our bedrock principles of democracy, to the overt self-enrichment and promotion of the Trump brand using his position as President, the most audacious aspect of it all is its obviousness! It’s completely in your face, out in the open, bald-faced corruption. His children wield vast powers in fabricated positions in the White House. Government agencies promote the Trump family’s books and their Florida resort. The President relentlessly attacks and maligns all adversaries, imagined and actual. He has filled his cabinet with cronies and is hellbent on undoing all things done by his predecessor through the very same Executive Orders he maligned him for using.

But the most chilling event in this terrifying experiment of having an ignorant old con man running the nation is his firing of the Director of the FBI, who was leading an investigation into the ignorant old con man running the nation. Again, the overt outrageousness of this action, reeking as it does of covering up wrongdoing by getting rid of the guy uncovering the wrongdoing is its most appalling aspect. I mean, there isn’t even an attempt at subtlety! The President and his minions will just blatantly lie, on television, in front of cameras, knowing full well that video exists to prove that they are lying. It’s as if they are daring the nation to try to stop them from doing precisely what they appear to be doing, which is enriching themselves by using the full power of their elected positions and ousting anyone who gets in the way.

I’ve stopped sharing the news articles on social media because they’re ubiquitous. The only question that remains unanswered is if our Republic’s systems of checks and balances and law and order are sufficiently solid to take the needed steps to remove this President and his people from their lofty perches. Impeachment seems like the least that should be done! For the full weight of justice to be felt would likely involve imprisonment of who knows how many people.

A Proclamation!

This is a truly astounding document, but what makes it so is that it isn’t irony or satire. The President of the United States has proclaimed that the date of his inauguration as the 45th man to lead the nation is a day of patriotic devotion. Par for the course, to use a metaphor near and dear to the President’s heart, Mr. Trump makes bold assertions which are extravagantly exaggerated, and devoid of any real substance. In the face of historic protests against his rise to power, he proclaims that a new national pride has swollen the breast of every American, and that despite 11 million more citizens choosing someone other than him as their desired leader, we are united by a common purpose.

The best one say about this proclamation is that for once, Mr. Trump doesn’t only speak of himself in the highest regard, but throws a bone to the American citizen as he proclaims them the greatest of all the world’s people.  There is a disclaimer though, as he warns that there is no freedom where the people don’t believe in it, no law where the people won’t follow it, and perhaps most absurdly, no peace unless the people pray for it.

I strain to see the value in this proclamation. It feels disconnected from the reality of this tumultuous transition of power, with its false attempts at lumping all Americans in the same pot. It reeks of isolationism and overt nationalism, hammering away at the theme of the Trump campaign to restore a still nebulous and ill defined greatness to the country. Ultimately it comes across as yet another pat on one’s own back for ascending to the ultimate celebrity, while ignoring the excruciating blow to the American psyche from the inversely lopsided victory, cloaked in suspicion of foul play. Perhaps my cynicism is reaching critical mass, so I will leave the Proclamation here to revisit at some future date where perhaps, in spite of seemingly overwhelming obstacles to the path of unity, we will find our bonds strengthened under the astute leadership of the Celebrity President.


National Day of Patriotic Devotion


Carnage, Blood and Tombstones

Cities ablaze, gunfire in the streets, decaying structures collapsing all around us. Anarchy has taken hold in America and the rule of law has broken down. Looting and pillaging is job #1 in these United States, as our crumbling schools produce illiterate drones who stumble out into the impoverished wasteland to die in gun battles over scraps of food, as the toughest among them organize into gangs hiding in rusted, hollowed out warehouses waiting to ambush the desperately underfunded and poorly equipped law enforcement organizations. No, this is not the plot of a dystopian Hollywood B Movie, but the picture of America painted by its fearless leader. Donald J. Trump, celebrity game show host and Wrestlemania star, has spoken to the people and declared that he alone can repair the disastrous state of our Union that sounds oddly unfamiliar to the thinking person.

This 70-year old alleged billionaire has descended from his gold plated tower to save us from ourselves, seeing unemployments rates only he can see, a stock market waiting to crash that only he can foretell, crime-infested inner cities that only he has seen, as it was only he who saw thousands of Muslims cheering in the streets of New Jersey on that fateful day when terrorists brought havoc to our shores. Donald J. Trump isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and he has told us all that the carnage ends now. Drawing on his long experience of screwing over contractors, investors, creditors and business partners, of bankrupting companies leaving thousands unemployed, of evading taxes and litigating his way to the top of a tower that bears his name, he informs the American people that Washington, DC has done to them what he has always done, but it ends now.

Entering the top job in the nation, having been ushered in by a minority of the populace, Mr. Trump faces a test of character in order to accomplish this promise of giving power over to the people. No longer can he demonize and attack his critics, no more can he ridicule the less fortunate, the disabled, the losers and the haters. He is the voice of the people now, the American people, who salute the same flag and live under the protection of an all powerful deity. With the lowest support of any man entering the White House before him, he will have to open his mind and listen to the voices of those he is claiming to represent. It is not within the realm of possibility that any leader can secure the support of all the people, but Mr. Trump will now have the arduous task of finding out what the majority of the desperate American people want, so that he may deliver to them the things he has promised.

A new American landscape will emerge behind the leadership of Donald J. Trump. All across this land, new roads will be built, new bridges and tunnels, new railways and airports. American labor will build this magnificent land of the future. We will free not just America, but the entire planet of disease. We will unlock the mysteries of space, because we all bleed the blood of patriotism. Yes, America is a complete disaster today as Mr. Trump looks out the window of his 757, but Donald J. Trump knows how to bring about greatness, not just for a chosen few, but for all Americans in every city near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain, from ocean to ocean. Donald J. Trump is a man of the people, the voice of the voiceless, who knows how to win, and winning after all, is what every American dreams of. Fear not citizens, your days of huddling in terror are over.

The Inauguration of Indecency

Today marks a significant event in the history of the United States, as Donald J. Trump, an admitted sexual predator, will swear on a stack of Bibles to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This oath will be immediately violated as the man is himself a domestic enemy of the United States. He is a consummate bullshit artist. A man for whom winning, however he decides victory in his mind at the moment, is all that matters. A man with a long history of immoral and unethical actions against his fellow man and woman, in business matters and personal. He takes the mantle under clouds of suspicion for the manner in which his electoral victory was achieved, but it isn’t in his nature to care about such things, for he won. The other guy lost. That’s all that matters.

To think that he would make decisions in the best interests of a nation of people, that he would carefully weigh the implications of his actions on how they would affect not him or his family, but all of us, is a fool’s wishful thinking. Point to one example, only one, in his business life or personal life where that was the case and perhaps we could find a glimmer of a reason to expect something better than a self-serving conman who seeks to loot and pillage the country as if it were an Atlantic City casino. He brags about the millions he made in the casino business as he drove them all into bankruptcy, paying himself handsomely with investor’s and creditor’s funds. This is who he is, and he rode a wave of celebrity worship and populist anger to get a minority of American citizens to put their fate in his hands.

There will be much to comment on under the reign of this man, but for today, the only commentary that is necessary is that honesty, decency and forthrightness has been set aside and a spoiled child in a man’s body has been given the keys to someone else’s car and asked to steer us to the clear. It’s not going to happen, as this 70-year old circus showman who lives in a literal gold-plated fortress in the sky will not only not drive us to a better place, he doesn’t think there is a better place. He’s already arrived and the view suits him just fine. The only expectation that is reasonable today, is that he will seek to improve the quality of his view by whatever means, and at whatever costs are required.