Offense and Defense

The wife surprised me by putting on the MLB Network in the bedroom last night in lieu of her usual fare of murder investigations. I’m always amused at how people can make a living by putting on a nice suit, sitting at a table and talking about sports, but there they were, ranking the best catchers in MLB right now. It was an interesting list but what I found really intriguing is how easily they discussed human beings as if they were prize farm animals or perhaps top shelf race horses. The players knees were discussed, the health of their respective shoulders, their age, their background and whether they’d proven themselves worthy yet based on consistency of performance. The only thing missing was checking their teeth.


I suppose when millions of dollars are at stake, you have to look at your investment as just that, and if they’re young when you acquire them, you should look to the parents to see if the lad comes from good stock. I imagine DNA testing would be very beneficial at some point if science could tell MLB owners what genetic profiles to look for, or which genetic mutations would increase the probability of an injury shortened career. Perhaps the saddest part of the discussion was when the analysts mused on whether the players had peaked and were now headed toward a declining spiral.

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