SLUDGE is born

I’ve owned many a domain name since I first learned they could be owned. I still own a few but the perfect domain has been elusive for me. Recently, an idea bubbled up from my prefrontal cortex, and a desire for a one-word domain overtook me. I wasn’t provided the actual domain at first, just the desire for one, so I had to put some effort into identifying it.

I created strict parameters for this one word:

  1. It had to be easy to spell
  2. It had to be memorable
  3. It had to be cool

Bullet #3 was the critical one, because while Google, Yahoo and Apple are fabulous one-word domains, they’re a bit cartoonish for my personal tastes. It’s almost impossible now to separate the word Google from what it represents, but if you try, what you’re left with is nonsensical. My word would have to stand alone in its coolness, independent and fierce without need of context or connotation to make it cool. I mean really, Yahoo?

While it pains me to say it, as I wracked my brain with all the one-word sites I could think of, the one that inspired SLUDGE was Drudge. It pains me because there’s nothing about Drudge, the site, that appeals to me. But the word… It’s very cool. Here’s how it went down: I went to Facebook and started writing up a “fake news” headline and needed a site to quote and as my brain brought up Drudge, I typed in Sludge. I immediately knew I’d found my domain. I didn’t know exactly what sludge was, but I knew what sludge metal was:  low-tuned guitars scratching out screechy riffs over a slow, heavy drum beat. The bass so deep and loud in the mix, you could feel it in your chest. Sludge was rock n roll.

As it turns out, actual sludge is kind of gross, but sludge the website stuck with me and I had to have it. Dot com’s are the ultimate top-level domain to own, but wasn’t available. Some savvy bastard owns it, but doesn’t even use it. Once the dot com possibility was lost to me, the desire waned as I didn’t want to ruin the inherent coolness of sludge by tying it forever to a very uncool domain. I’m looking at you, dot XYZ.

I recently had my DNA tested at 23andMe and it confirmed some things I already knew from my prior adventures in genetics with the Genographic Project, but it provided much richer detail than just the migration pattern my ancestors took out of Africa, which is Genographic’s primary mission. My DNA is 95.7% European, with over 80% of that from Southern Europe, and most specifically, the Iberian Peninsula. Herrera’s have been in Spain for over 20,000 years. I also have a bit of Neanderthal DNA, including the gene responsible for my hairless back, for which I am grateful. It seems as if I’ve digressed, but I’ll tie it all together. My deep ancestral past is Spanish, for countless generations. My surname means blacksmith or iron worker and originated in a small town called Pedraza in the Segovia section of Spain. Like other nations, Spain has its own top level domain; dot ES. Eureka! I knew the domain to which SLUDGE would be forever joined. Now to see if it was available!

As you can tell from looking up at the address bar, SLUDGE.ES was indeed available, and now belongs to me. My cool one-word domain name that began as a nebulous notion is now a literal reality. The future is uncertain, but I know that in my future, I’ll write, and now I know where that writing will live.



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