Sleeping Beauty

I will state at the outset that I am a fan of Angelina’s. She has the elusive “something about her” that strikes a chord with me and always has. So when I saw the first advertisement for Maleficent, with Angie peeking out from the trees and saying “then you’ll be afraid” in that sultry voice, I knew I’d be seeing the movie.

A Facebook friend checked in at Maleficent midday yesterday which alerted me that the film had released. I had no other plans, and so I grabbed my wallet and keys and ran out the door. I thought I might’ve made a mistake when I arrived to a theater filled with children and families. The advertisements were all for video games and Cartoon Network programming, so I was concerned that I would have yet another film that I started, but was unable to watch. When the Disney castle finally hit the screen, my concern peaked.

I think part of me knew that it was a Disney film, but because I don’t have television at home, I’m not bombarded with ads, trailers and the like and somehow it slipped my mind. I opted for the flat screen version vs. the 3D, which is typically how I roll, but the 3D was also showing at 9:55 PM and that’s a bit late for my temperament. I settled in to my last row seat and prepared myself for the eye-rolling. It was not to be.

It’s almost needless to say at this point in film technology, but the effects were stunning. Visually beautiful, it was like an amusement park for the eyes and captured my interest through the early portion of the movie where the story had to be set up. I was unaware that it was based on Sleeping Beauty until much later in the film. Angelina appears fairly quickly in the movie as we skate through Maleficent’s early days and she is a powerful presence on the screen.  We are quickly reminded that human beings are treacherous, greedy and deceitful,which Maleficent painfully discovers. She learns how to be vengeful fairly quickly and there are delicious moments that I’m sure Angelina relished in.

It’s a darker Disney film than I’m accustomed to, but if you really think about it, most fairly tales and fables are pretty dark, so perhaps we shouldn’t try to pretty them up. Life can be cruel and people can be spectacularly awful to each other, so depicting them true to form is likely the best way to prep our little tikes for the horrors that lie ahead.

Go see this movie.


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