Great Bearded Men II

Many a man has worn whiskers upon his chin, that is certain. But no man can stand up to the Bearded Greatness I will feature in this post about Great Bearded Men. Human intellectual curiosity is a wonderful gift and no human has ever better exemplified this quality than the incomparable Leonardo da Vinci.

Many think of da Vinci as the creator of the Mona Lisa, perhaps the world’s most famous painting. He also painted The Last Supper, a painting known around the world and one of the most frequently reproduced. Many of his paintings have not survived the test of time due to his willingness to experiment with various techniques.

​But da Vinci was much more than a gifted artist. He was a brilliant inventor, a talented sculptor, architect, scientist, musician, anatomist, geologist, botanist and writer.  And of course, Leonardo could grow some serious facial hair. Mr. da Vinci, I pay modest tribute to your Greatness and the Greatness of your Beard.



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