I enjoy writing. I like staring at a blank page and making something of it. I want to comment on things I see, hear, read or experience. I’d love to be bold enough to say I don’t care if anyone ever reads it, but I can’t. A writer wants to be read. I’ve tried to explain this desire in various ways, but have never quite captured the essence of it. George Orwell wrote an essay titled Why I Write and two of the reasons he cites explain my underlying motivation perfectly.

It should go without saying that I don’t put myself in a class with the gifted Orwell, but egoism and political persuasion encapsulate both my motivation and my purpose. I’ve never considered myself driven by ego, but philosophically, the descriptive aspect of egoism likely applies to much of humanity. We operate in our own self interest. We do the things we desire. Even in our most altruistic actions, the overriding need for self preservation is a strong motivating factor. We care for others because it feels good. Without question the majority of my writing can be categorized as persuasive argument. I strive to change opinions, to move the reader and certainly to do so in a meaningful and hopefully clever way.

What you will find here are the surviving posts of the many weblogs I have spawned, now long deceased; the crème de la crème if you will, with new additions added as the neurons move me. I hope you can while away some time in an enjoyable way.

Essays, Articles, Polemics and so forth